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2023 winners

To qualify for an award, entries had to receive a score of 90 or above in judging..

Best Dramatic Feature Film - 

1st place WINNER Princess, Brandon Robert Kersjes 


2nd place WINNER Grace & Mercy, Mike Berry 

3rd place WINNER Calendar, Nicholas Muhlbach

Best Foreign Film - 


Best Documentary Feature - 

1st place WINNER History of Cleveland Chinatown, Johnny K Wu 

2nd place WINNER Magic of Mazza, Meghan Murray 

Best Comedy Feature -

WINNER Outed, Blake Arthur (J. Senft)

Best Ohio Feature Film - 

1st place WINNER Chains of Redemption, Scott E Brosius 

2nd place WINNER Leviticus, Tyler Nelson Thomas 

3rd place WINNER Innerself, Johnny K Wu 

Best Dramatic Short - 

1st place WINNER Love Grandma, Matt Spear 

2nd place WINNER if Wishes were Fishes, Scott E Brosius 

3rd place WINNER Duality of Memory, Eric Mattson 

Best Documentary Short - 

WINNER Vanished in Ohio, Bruno Tatalović

Best Comedy Short - 

1st place WINNER FEED ME, Caitlin Ferrell 

2nd place WINNER GENIE oF THE LAMP, Pauline Nowakowsk 

3rd place WINNER GOOD SESSION, Larry Rosen 


Best HORROR short - 

1st place Crashing at Your Place, Tyler Nelson Thomas 

2nd place WINNEREnabler, B.J. Halsall 

3rd place WINNER Highway to Hell, Craig Knowles  


Best Microfilm - 

\1st place WINNER the School System, Jesse Roth 

2nd place WINNER Shadowdome, Michael Stafford 

3rd place WINNER Oblivion, Logan Fry

Best Trailer - 

WINNER Assassin’s Apprentice by Russell Emanual

Best Music Video - 

1st place WINNER Prison Romance, Pavel Gavrilin 

2nd place WINNER Hey You, Robert Messinger 

3rd place WINNER River never Sleeps, Mike Caral




1st place WINNER - Mere Mortals, Russ Lindway

2nd place WINNER Hazel the Viking, Jim Norman


Best TV Pilot or Webisode Script -  

WINNER Quite the Hike, Michael Lamentola

Best Dramatic Short Screenplay - 

1st place WINNER The Groomer, Bob Messinger 

2nd place WINNER Assassin Seeking Salvation, Amy McCorkle & Melissa Goodman

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Short Script

1st place WINNER Demon, James Ferda 

2nd place WINNER Traveler, Amy McCorkle & Melissa Goodman

Best Feature Documentary Writing- 

WINNER The Quilt: A Living History of African American Music Script, Cynthia Freeman Gibbs

Best Drama/Suspense Feature Screenplay - 

WINNER - Russ Lindway 


WINNER Let’s Go Kill God, James Ferda

Best Horror Feature Screenplay -

1st place WINNER At the Mercy of Faith, Samuel Taylor 

HORROR - 2nd place WINNER High Stakes, Stuart Creque 

Best Dramatic Screenplay - 

1st place WINNER The John & Jane Doe Murders, Justin Jerreau 

2nd place WINNER Shadows of Dharma, Mark Perlick 

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